Robots Need Love Too


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Designed for today’s advanced robots as well as particularly clever humans, ROBOTS NEED LOVE TOO is a fresh, indie-powered puzzler where players help a pair of lovesick bots find true love. Players slide directional arrows to “program” a safe path so the robots can unite for a tender moment. The robot powers that be won’t accept any violation of the lovers’ programmed parameters. It’s up to the player to overcome obstacles and unite the lovers. New challenges unfold as the story progresses—robot love is never easy! Each level advances a barrier-transcending story of forbidden love as two robots from different sides of the circuit board try to build a relationship.


  • Every level is packed with fun brainteasers
  • Romantic story unfolds as players solve clever, layered puzzles
  • Easy to get into but challenging to complete
  • 100% FREE; no In-App purchases
  • Inclusive design: choose from 6 personal pronouns (he, she, they, zie, ey, and xie).
  • A fun game endorsed by GLAAD