About Us

The Story So Far…

Located in Durham, North Carolina, Elephant Mouse has been knee-deep in the mobile game trenches for going on 6 years with very, very few post-traumatic episodes. Following the success of our team-based multiplayer FPS Archetype in summer 2010, we rebranded and rushed, headlong, into the welcoming arms of Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. Old name: Villain; new name: Elephant Mouse.

Our south Durham office features an 8-foot-tall, transforming robot receptionist named Optimus and is purposefully located near a thriving colony of cutthroat yet strangely affectionate feral cats. Last count: A dozen plus.

We continue to focus on developing our own internal IP for mobile platforms, all the while providing smartphone users with daily kicks of delicious endorphins.

Get in Touch

E-mail: contact@elephantmouse.com
Twitter: @elephantmouse

Elephant Mouse
5007 Southpark Drive
Durham, North Carolina 27713